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Uown Finance

Bad credit makes it hard to buy everything life demands. Fortunately, there's a fair, dependable, no credit needed alternative to traditional financing. Uown Leasing offers a simple, straightforward lease-to-own payment option to help you purchase the quality merchandise you need.

What is lease-to-own? A lease to own program is simply a payment arrangement where consumers make payments in order to gain ownership.

Why do I need Uown? If you have been denied traditional financing - or worry you won't get approved -Uown offers a fair strait forward alternative way to pay for furniture, mattresses and more. Easy, no credit needed alternative financing.

How do I qualify? Be 18 years or older, Have a Tax Payer ID number, Present a valid state-issued ID, make at least $1000 per month, possess a checking account in good standing.

How do I get started?